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Promoted and Produced by David Williams as part of his campaign for election to the post of Leader of the Green Party. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.

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Reaction to the Green Party leadership result
Firstly, my congratulations to Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley on the overwhelming backing they have received from members of the party. I wish them well as co-leaders, and I will be giving them my full support in their new role.
I have enjoyed going round the country during the leadership campaign, and was pleased to attend all of the regional hustings. I was impressed by the similarity of the views on policy of all the candidates – the only real disagreements were on tactics and style.
Attending the hustings was also a lesson to me in terms of the age range, gender diversity, and the regionalism of the party. I was pleased to see that the party’s strength is spread across the country and is not just in the south-east.
During the campaign I tried to emphasise the need to be more radical and for the party to participate in more direct action. The party has a proud history of this, and shouldn’t forget its roots. I also hope that the message I gave of needing more representation from all around the country rather than just the London 'bubble' will be acted on by our new leadership and they will address this in the same way that the need for more diversity in candidate choice has already been recognised through the new equality commission.
I also wish our co-leaders good luck on developing the concept of a progressive alliance, but with the proviso that this is not the only way forward - we must keep the pressure on generally for electoral reform.

David Williams, 3 September 2016

Oxfordshire Green Party

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