2016          The Junior Doctors’ strike – consistently on the local picket line, liaising with BMA reps demonstrating Green Party solidarity and support. 

2015          Appointed as a Trustee of the Green Economics Institute.

2013          Elected to Oxfordshire County Council. Become Leader of the Green Group - work consistently with party members and supporters to devise anti-austerity budgets and fight against the cuts.

This is all history ….. the important thing now is the future!

1994          Chair of Rochdale Friends of Kenya; partnering with a wide variety of political groups, religious organisations and community groups to fund raise and build a secondary school in Northern Kenya opened in 1995 as the Rochdale School Bagoria.

1993          Campaigned for the restoration of the Rochdale Canal – fought and won the campaign for change of ownership and help to rebuild the Slattocks / Middleton section.

1992          Stood as the Labour Parliamentary Candidate in Rochdale for the second time and instigated strategies for year round campaigning.

2010          Become Leader of the Green Group on Oxford City Council – immediate launch of campaign against cuts and privatisation.

2008          Peter Tatchell’s agent when he is selected as Green Party candidate to fight the Oxford East parliamentary constituency.

2006          Elected as the Green Party councillor for Iffley Fields ward in Oxford – a whole series of local campaigns, from fighting for a safer road crossing to controlled parking zones.

1996          Chair of the Save Booth Hall Children’s Hospital Campaign, a two year campaign to try to stop the closure of the hospital in north Manchester.

1995          Support the Liverpool Dockers’ strike. David’s caravan used as picket HQ, and subsequently set on fire by Dock Police.

1994          Chair of the 150-year Anniversary Festival of the Co-op Movement in Rochdale – open the new Co-op Museum and speak on a platform with Tony Benn.

1980          Became Chair of the Education Committee. Abolished corporal punishment in schools and introduced multicultural education plus numerous other progressive policies.

1979          Stood as the Labour and Co-op Candidate for Middleton North ward on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Won a previously Tory seat, and become a councillor for the next 20 years, working hard to make it a safe seat with an impressive list of local achievements.

1976          Joined NATFHE, becoming departmental rep and Chair of the Branch. Continuous membership since. (Now UCU rep on Oxfordshire Trades Council.) 

Promoted and Produced by David Williams as part of his campaign for election to the post of Leader of the Green Party. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.

1987          Labour Parliamentary Candidate against Cyril Smith in Rochdale – improve the vote by 8% and come close to winning. Establish an efficient and effective political team.

1986          Became Chair of Economic Development on Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. Set up 22 small co-ops, several to encourage Asian women to be economically independent. Negotiate to return the headquarters of the Co-operative Retail Society to its founder town of Rochdale after 100 years in central Manchester.

1985          Active in the NO M66 LINK campaign, a local urban motorway dividing communities with a ring road around North Manchester. Fail to stop it.

1985          Led the campaign for the opening of Mills Hill Railway Station, a successful ten year campaign to reverse the Beeching Cuts in the Middleton area.

1990          Chair of International Links Committee in Rochdale – set up Town Twinning with Lvov in the Ukraine after independence in 1992. Brought to fruition the Sahiwal Dam water purification scheme in Pakistan.

1989          Active and leading role in support and organisation during numerous industrial disputes including Pergamon Press, the Senior Colman Strike and many others.

1988          Co- Chair of Save Boarshaw Clough Campaign with Mike Harding (the ‘Rochdale Cowboy’) - opposed proposed housing development on a large nature park in a built up area. 

2005          Selected as the British Delegate to the Peace and Economic Cooperation Association in China, a Chinese academic group seeking peace, human rights and international cooperation.

2002          Joined the Stop the War Campaign. Helped organise demos and public meetings to stop the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Major action in 2003 with mass contingent from Oxford to London rally against Iraq war.

1999            Switch political loyalty from Labour to Green, supporting Caroline Lucas’s EU candidature. Formally joined the Greens in 2003.

2016          Standing for Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

2016          Fighting to Remain in the EU. Speaking at public meetings, helping with street stalls. Part of the Oxfordshire Green Party EU campaign committee. 

1985          A dawn picket support worker for the two-year Silentnight strike; the longest strike in British industrial relations.

1984/5       The Miners Strike: chair of the Rochdale Support Group. Help to raise money, speak at events, collect food, and support socials. Spoke on platforms with Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill. 

1983          Stood as the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Colne Valley, a three-way marginal constituency outside Huddersfield. Violent clashes with a British Field Sports Society mass demo in Holmfirth over fox hunting.

1981          Joined the League Against Cruel Sports – anti-fox hunting and shooting activities in the Pennines.

1972          Joined the Labour Party to demand the arrest of T Dan Smith, the Leader of the Newcastle Labour Party, on corruption charges. A member for the following 30 years.

1971           Joined CND - a Lifetime member, attending almost all demos called by CND since the mid-1970s. (Subsequently helped organise the mass Die-in protest at Barrow-in-Furness in 1982, and  several Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki commemorations in Oxford. )

1968          Helped organise and took an active part in London Anti -Vietnam War Demos. Arrested for throwing a rotten carrot at the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square disturbances.

Campaigning History

1974          Chair of the Middleton (North Manchester) Anti-Vietnam War Campaign, working with left, trade union and centre political groups. Helped organise a series of demos and activities, most famously the Tiger Cage stunt at Labour Party Conference.

1974          Transit Agent for Labour in the 1974 General Elections for the Rhondda and the Vale, bringing workers from the Rhondda and Pontypridd areas to campaign in the marginal constituency of Cardiff North.

1973          The Laggers' Campaign Newcastle – an industrial dispute focused on asbestos lagging and the danger to workers. Helped on the picket line and fundraising.

David Williams for  
​Green Party Leader