"Unlike the other main political parties, the Green Party are fortunate in having an abundance of competent, trustworthy and credible leadership candidates. David is one of these. I have had the pleasure of working alongside David for many years and have seen how - time and time again - he convincingly puts the case for a better, greener future."

Cllr Craig Simmons

Green group leader, Oxford City Council

"I am proud to know David from his days in Rochdale. He was a brilliant community worker, communicator, orator, and a fantastic left-wing Environmental Socialist. He was expressing support for environmental policies back in the 1980s, as well as always believing in redistribution of wealth rather than growing the economy as a means of helping those at the bottom. He was the best MP Rochdale never had. In the 1990s I was gutted when Rochdale's loss became Oxford’s gain as he moved down there.

"I have no doubt in my mind he has the qualities to make a brilliant leader of our party. I really think he is worth major consideration of any Green member's vote. He will be getting my vote for leader of our party."

Mark Hollinrake
General Election candidate for Rochdale, 2015

"David Williams is an excellent speaker, can always be relied on, knows all our polices, and will always go the extra mile because he cares about everybody with his big heart. "

Sushila Dhall
Former Green Party councillor, Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council

"David Williams is a one-man coalition of the manner and political values of the old Labour Party of the North and the modern Green Party. He is a powerful speaker and tireless campaigner who has had exceptional experience of running major Local Authority departments.
"David can reach the large number of people who have been left behind by the increasing inequality which is our inheritance from Labour, Coalition and Conservative governments."

Larry Sanders
Health spokesperson for the Green Party, former Oxfordshire County Councillor,
General Election candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon, 2015

"I welcome a wide spectrum of candidates, from all wings of the party, to stand for leader, so we can have a full and open debate about our future priorities and direction. I am glad to see that David Williams is standing on a distinctive green left platform. Over many decades he's been involved in campaigns for trade union rights, peace, anti-racism, LGBT equality, environmental protection and animal rights. His commitment to progressive causes is clear, sustained and proven."

Peter Tatchell
Human rights campaigner, Southwark Green Party

Promoted and Produced by David Williams as part of his campaign for election to the post of Leader of the Green Party. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.

"I have known David for over 20 years when we both were in the Labour Party and it was not run by anonymous bureaucrats seeking to keep their easy, well-heeled lifestyle. David was an experienced councillor who would do what he promised to do. He was chair of education and deputy leader. He opposed the poll tax, unafraid to take action even though he was dragged to court and fined. His example, and others, led me to join the Green Party in Rochdale, opposing the discredited local politicians. David is just what the party needs: experienced, principled and not tainted as part of the London political elite."

Mick Coats
Acting Branch Secretary, Rochdale Green Party


"David has a very rare set of experiences under his belt for a Green. A Labour Councillor for many years before joining the Greens in 2001, he has run major Council departments and has an almost unrivalled amount of experience of actually running services. He has a natural ability to communicate with people way outside of the Green Party's comfort zone, and knows how to appeal to working class communities left behind by Labour."

Cllr Sam Coates
Oxfordshire County Councillor (2013-), former Elections Coordinator on GPEx,
​Young Greens Co-chair 2010-13​

"It has been a pleasure to know David since I joined the Green Party in 2009. He has all the qualities needed in a leader of our party – an experienced campaigner and councillor, excellent speaker with exhaustive command of issues and policies and generates loyalty and enormous respect. An all round good bloke!"

John Haywood
Chair and Election Agent, North Oxfordshire Green Party

David Williams for  
​Green Party Leader

"David Williams was my colleague on Oxford City Council and in a number of election campaigns. He demonstrated a breadth and depth of political knowledge, public speaking skill, strategic sense and sheer passion which make him a formidable asset to the both the local and national parties. He is a man of deep principle and enormous generosity, and I'm delighted to endorse him."

Matt Sellwood
Oxford City Councillor 2004-8, Former member of GPEX and GPRC,
​General Election candidate for Hackney North & Stoke Newington, 2010

"I support David for his qualities of leadership, communication skills and above all, his politics which is close to my vision of eco-socialism."

Pritam Singh
General Election candidate for Oxford East, 2001