David Williams for  
​Green Party Leader

Or … maybe why you shouldn’t vote for David Williams?

Some reasons that have been put forward as to why you shouldn’t vote for David:

  • He is too old
    He is as old Jeremy Corbyn and younger than Bernie Sanders. Both of them have been effective at enthusing younger activists.
  • He is a dinosaur like Corbyn – he looks back to the past
    Then why did he join the Greens and accept the world is changing?
  • He is too left wing - he will alienate former Tory voters who might vote Green
    Yet he only advocates Green Party policy and some Conservatives seem to like him.
  • He has a full-time job as the CEO of Oxford UK Excellence
    He’d give that up if he became leader.
  • He wears a hearing aid
    Maybe, but he listens a lot and hears a great deal more than most.
  • He has too many carer responsibilities
    True. An 88 year old Mum and a very lazy cat to look after, but he seems to manage.
  • His IT skills leave a lot to be desired… all this stuff about internal party digital democracy – he does not fully understand how it might work
    Does he have to? Others have the skills - it’s understanding the principle that counts.
  • He seems a great advocate of science and technology – but doesn’t science mean growth and we don’t want that?
    Science does not necessarily mean ‘growth’ – scientific research has enriched everybody’s lives and can be force for good as well as evil.
  • He is not a vegan
    True, but he is a vegetarian.
  • If he won, it would be a slap in the face for Caroline Lucas
    That would be the line from the Sun and the Telegraph and others trying to set us apart. However, the truth is it would be party democracy.
  • If he is supposed to be a Green, why is he the most pathetic gardener in the UK?
    OK, OK… the garden is a mass of weeds, but a couple of the window boxes are not that bad!


The Leader of the Green party should not be chosen because they are of a particular ethnicity, gender or age. The new Leader should be chosen on the basis of their ability to advocate Green Party policy, to build the party and attract a new range of voters to support the party.

Why Vote for David?

Promoted and Produced by David Williams as part of his campaign for election to the post of Leader of the Green Party. This is not an official communication from the Green Party of England and Wales.

So... why should you vote for David Williams?

  • Somebody with proven political leadership skills.

  • Former Leader of the Greens on Oxford City Council and now Leader of the Greens on Oxfordshire County Council.
  • Very knowledgeable about a vast range of political themes and can talk about virtually all areas of policy.  
  • 30 years a Councillor with a proven track record of introducing real progressive changes as an Education Committee Chair and
    ​a Chair of Economic Development.
  • A team builder who generates trust, loyalty and achievement amongst party workers.
  • An obvious Northerner who lives in the South... somebody outside the London bubble.
  • Somebody that is very aware of not only Green Party policy but also that of the other parties.
  • Born into a working class family but has lived his adult life as a middle class educationalist.
  • A heterosexual who was Peter Tatchell’s election agent.
  • A man who is not trying to take us back to some fictional golden age but forward to a Green society of social justice and sustainability. 
  • Somebody with a long proven history of fighting for workers in struggle and for equality.
  • Was educated in state schools and has four university degrees but does not pretend to be an academic.
  • An inspirational orator in the old school tradition, but chatty and personable. 
  • Has travelled all over the world and studied their politics, especially Europe and China.
  • Effective on TV in debates or with clips and soundbites (30 years of successful media work)
  • 40 years’ experience of successful campaigning with a proven track record fighting for Green improvements.
  • A lifelong peace campaigner as a CND member and with Stop War Campaign in Oxford.
  • Somebody with sound political judgement who has consistently been proved correct.
  • A man of energy and drive, sustained over 40 years.